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About Us

United Envelope

We are a leading 75 year old envelope printing and manufacturing company providing direct mail and transactional envelopes to the nation's largest mailers.

We are a leading 75 year old envelope printing and manufacturing company providing direct mail and transactional envelopes to the nation's largest mailers. From bangtails to booklets,#10's to A-7s, printed envelopes in all sizes and styles and grades. From 1-8 colors, High-Fidelity flexo, web and flat sheet litho, or jet offset. Count on our experienced and knowledgeable personnel and state-of-the-art equipment to produce the industry's best. If you'e an agency, financial or consumer products company, direct marketer, non-profit or printer, rely on us to meet your most demanding and challenging requirements. We look forward to working with you.

Fastest Response

Fastest Response

We "get it done" RIGHT.

It is United Envelope's focus on getting the job done right that assures customers they will receive the highest quality envelopes in the shortest time frame and be comfortable knowing that we will meet all of their needs. When searching for the industry's best envelopes, consider that we not only meet a customer's requirements for quality, price and delivery, but exceed them every time. Tell us your needs and we respond - quickly. Call us with questions - we give you knowledgeable answers - quickly. Give us your production requirements and we immediately put into motion the process that makes them a reality. You too will quickly sense our enthusiasm for reaching and fulfilling your requests, without ever saying can't.
Large Capacity

Large Capacity

United Envelope has the flexibility to take-on any size and type envelope project.

How do you measure the capabilities of our envelope company? It is the capacity of our staff to understand your needs and find the most efficient ways to meet them. It is in the flexibility of our production teams to tackle any project or our capacity to cost-effectively tackle an ambitious envelope design or unusual configuration. Whether it's high fidelity flexography, flat sheet lithography or our jet offset - web or converted stock - on any type paper, in from one to eight colors, UV or aqueous coated with full bleed, precise color-match, metallic inks, foil stamped, embossed, with latex or our innovative process printed poly window, at United Envelope our primary strength is our capacity to problem-solve and find solutions that fulfill our customer's objectives, and deliver the products that enable them to attain their goals. There is no limit to our capacity to satisfy our customers.
Knowledgeable Support

Knowledgeable Support

Our account and production managers are seasoned pros who view each situation from a solutions-oriented perspective.

Service teams dedicated to delivering our products and services, are unwavering in their commitment to customer satisfaction. Production professionals, eager to respond to customers, thrive on fulfilling their directives and answering their questions. Experienced and supportive management assure that every customer service representative has the flexibility to be responsive to every requirement. All this has enabled us over the years to establish important, long-term relationships with companies of all sizes. Our support staff is always available and eager to work with customers, to share their information and insight and follow their projects through to completion, while always exceeding expectations. This approach has earned United Envelope the trust of its clients.
Unsurpassed Quality

Unsurpassed Quality

Envelope quality. It's not just that they look so great, it's that they perform as they're intended to function!

Looking for trouble-free envelopes that look good and are priced right? At United Envelope, our envelopes will always meet this criteria but we also give you a little more - our envelopes fold perfectly square, the glue sticks, paper is evenly colored, patches properly glued and ink laydown, always consistent. You receive the right count per box and our cartons are squarely aligned to prevent any mishaps in shipping. We also have embraced technologies that have created cost advantages for our customers and assure them delivery of the highest quality product. When planning your next envelope program consider the radically different kind of quality proposition we at United Envelope offer our customers...that the quality of the product is as important as the quality of the experience - working with us.
Value Priced

Value Priced

You judge the value of an envelope company with the value of the relationship.

In today's competitive market everyone wants envelopes faster, better and at a low cost. At United Envelope our customers can add responsiveness to this equation. Isn't that what's important when facing demanding economic and delivery pressures with little budget room and a pressing schedule? To have a company come through for you with a quick turnaround, moving your project through the pipeline fast and delivering when no other envelope vendors are willing to step forward. That's what United Envelope does that puts us in a league of our own. That's what comes from a mutually beneficial partnering relationship, the true test of the value you can expect from your envelope provider.

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